Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Weird Creature/Familiar Generator


By combining my grand exhaustive list of every animal in the cosmos with LawfulNeutral's arcane tables of metaphysical motivation and Dan's hideous pile of mutations (plus my own pile of mutations), and welding them together in the flames of my new generator, I have forged the ultimate in beast making technology.

Again, I say: Behold!

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Your familiar appears to be a [personality] [animal] [mutationformat].
But in the spirit realm, it's [trueform]. Its motivation is [motivation]. {mutationformat} [mutation] [mutation] [mutation], and [mutation] [mutation], [mutation], and [mutation] {personality} absentminded agonizing aloof arbitrary articulate bizarre business-like busy cantankerous charismatic clear-headed clever companionly compassionate conscientious cowardly crass cruel cultured deceitful decisive deep dependent devious dishonest dry dynamic elegant emotional firm flexible forgiving formal fraudulent gentle gullible healthy hearty helpful iconoclastic imaginative impressionable insouciant kind logical mawkish melancholic miserly moralistic multi-leveled mystical naive narcissistic narrow neglectful neutral noncommittal noncompetitive obnoxious old-fashioned opinionated organized peaceful petty plodding possessive prejudiced private prudent realistic regimental repentant romantic scrupulous secretive sedentary selfish sentimental small-thinking soft sporting stable stoic strong submissive sympathetic systematic tasteful teacherly thoughtless trusting understanding undisciplined unfriendly unimpressive vacuous well-rounded wistful youthful zany {trueform} a pet rock a rock with no sentimental value a glowing crystal a stone tablet a perfect sphere of glass a little blue dragonquest slime a gelatinous cube a gelatinous icosahedron a petri dish full of bacteria a little robot a clockwork [animal] a haunted doll a golem a talking car a frankensteined corpse a broken bottle a plastic egg with a face drawn on tangled string ??? probably not vomit ??? leather glove full of holes sticky clump of hair a tiny golden humanoid a mass of writhing tentacles a gem encrusted skull nothing at all an [animal] made of teeth a hideous homunculus a living bloodstain a cherub a tiny black hole a living drawing a formless shadow an inverted [animal] a faceless [animal] a [plant] with a face a giant amoeba a floating eyeball a skeletal [animal] a brown jenkin a boneless [animal] many colorful bubbles a pulsing mass of meat empty skin a noxious cloud a goat-headed child a mirrored master a devilish imp a wheel covered in eyes a floating cosmic fetus a blemmyes a nightgaunt a flying polyp living lightning living fire living smoke a tiny dragon a living severed hand a will o’wisp an amorphous slime two goblins in a trench coat a shoggoth a ball of energy with many arms a kite made of starry night sky living ice a living [animal] shadow two intertwined humanoids a tiny fairy noble a coronet of weapons a constantly flowering/decaying flower a crystalline [animal] a gate with legs a floating piece of furniture a [animal] covered in shrouds a [animal]-shaped starry night sky a flaming egg bearing a single rune a window into other world a headless [animal] a [animal] with a strange mask an animated knight harness an [animal] with transparent skin a tiny star a smooth humanoid with no features except a mouth a floating crystal key a writhing animate sigil a pygmy pale man a one eyed umbrella a tiny human-faced planetoid a desiccated saint a coronet of hands with eyes an abstract silver mechanism living blood a flaming glyph a tiny sandstorm a beautiful homunculus a moebius strip a many-armed bodhisattva a microorganism invisible to the naked eye a brutish gargoyle different every time it's percieved living water an escher-like pattern a brain and spine with construct legs a [animal]’s cardiovascular system a completely smooth shape a a long dead relative a cheshire [animal] a small misshapen clone of you a cenobite [animal] a fat demon wearing a crown brilliant fire with six wings a tattered mascot/costume a living ball gown a humanoid with many snakes for legs a hollow suit of armor a wendigo a tiny version of a [animal] in a bottle a swarm of hellish insects a small aurora borealis a floating grimoire frickin' Buer again, that scamp a crudely taxidermied [animal] a [animal] made of spoons and twine exactly what it looks like tiny brown bubbles a pool of blood a glowing streamer a ring of blue smoke a splash of ink a bundle of taught floating wires ripples in the air an animated drawing a fractal, swirling pattern a crystalline [plant] a jet of dust a tiny [animal] made of congealed light a tattered stream of cloth a translucent orb a living mass of leaves living ink a tiny stormcloud an arrowhead dashing back and forth through the air a disembodied, sinewy hand living snow flower petals a cracked glass [animal] a perfectly equilateral yellow triangle {motivation} honor the law cultivation discovering hidden truths and lies recording facts creating new life preservation devotion to others domination destruction passion raw ambition to be autonomous petty revenge iconoclasm purging the weak toppling the powerful political power sexual pursuits self disillusionment cosmic truth magical power construction of its “great work” aligning the stars completing “the ritual” evangelism consumption of flesh the pursuit of wealth exploration ars gratia artis charity directionless sadism nihilism extreme vainglory selfless altruism purification of the self purification of others unfission black and white justice blue and orange justice anarchy obsessive random collecting glory hounding spreading moral decay spreading moral enlightenment targeted assassination wanton violence prevention of entropy encouragement of entropy the creation of utopia proving a universal axiom seeding mistrust formation of bonds severing of bonds extreme asceticism extreme hedonism vague destiny releasing its imprisoned master protecting the weak restoring its good name spite preventing the escape of the enemy courting romantic interests the thrill of the hunt gourmet scientific documentation usurping a usurper finding something lost historical documentation stopping the apocalypse forgetting a troubled past hiding from betrayed allies remembering its past freedom from obligations starting the apocalypse collecting contracts collecting bounties collecting relics infiltration of secret societies theft of secrets protecting secrets spreading scientific advancement igniting conflict preventing conflict impovering the land rejuvenating the land a very precise destiny escapism wallowing in its tragic past finding a worthy successor returning the land to nature spreading religion glamour the genocide of [animal]s reviving an extinct species finding worthy adversary playing the cosmic “game” inverting social norms enforcing social norms justified revenge disproving an unsatisfying axiom colonizing the land avoiding its vengeful ex hiding from bounty hunters completing a graduation trial adding to its extremely specific collection to catch them to train them “observation” an unstable thing that changes every day literally stealing candy from babies a mystery even to itself [motivation] and [motivation] {animal} witch's butter fly agaric bearded tooth bleeding tooth death cap cordyceps-infested bug moldy bread scarlet elf cap slime mold chicken of the woods prototaxite glass sponge calcarea demosponge homoscleromorpha comb jelly brain coral pipe coral stony coral zoanthid sea whip sea pen anemone man-o-war box jelly lion's mane jelly moon jelly irukandji immortal jellyfish moss animal salp pyrosome sea squirt sea pork sea tulip piure mimic leech earthworm bobbit worm christmas tree worm feather duster worm sand mason worm pompeii worm bearded fireworm ragworm bone eating snot flower methane-eating worm giant tube worm mongolian death worm spoonworm peanut worm nematode horsehair worm penis worm mud dragon goblet worm bedford's flatworm tiger flatworm candycane worm planarian fluke tapeworm acorn worm arrow worm ribbon worm horseshow worm gastrotrich velvet worm water bear trilobite anomalocaris sea spider horseshoe crab orb-weaver portia peacock spider trapdoor spider funnel-web wolf spider tarantula diving bell spider net-casting spider mirror spider twig spider ant mimic spider burrowing scorpion bark scorpion emperor scorpion deathstalker tanzanian red claw scorpion fattail scorpion hairy scorpion pseudoscorpion whip spider mite tick harvestmen vinegaroon camel spider sleipnir giant african millipede amazonian giant centipede house centipede pauropoda sea monkey tadpole shrimp copepod barnacle mantis shrimp krill woodlouse giant isopod tongue-eating louse roly poly crayfish shrimp lobster squat lobster porcelain crab hermit crab king crab spider crab spanner crab fiddler crab ghost crab helmet crab giant enemy crab springtail conehead bristletail silverfish mayfly dragonfly ice crawler lice thrip booklice cicada aphid scale insect whitefly planthopper leafhopper moss bug water strider assassin bug bedbug stink bug shield bug leaf-footed bug titan beetle hercules beetle elpehant beetle goliath beetle atlas beetle stag beetle featherwing beetle ladybird beetle weevil mealworm deathwatch beetle warty leaf beetle firefly click beetle bombadier beetle doodlebug tiger beetle whirligig sacred scarab golden tortoise beetle hornet tarantula hawk social wasp cuckoo wasp potter wasp sand wasp army ant leafcutter ant fire ant carpenter ant bullet ant honeypot ant killer bee honeybee bumblebee mason bee carpenter bee plasterer bee atlas moth silk moth grease moth ornate moth death's head moth luna moth monarch zebra swallowtail forest mother-of-pearl blue morpho peacock pansy cramer's eighty-eight glasswing black swallowtail flea housefly horsefly robberfly botfly soldierfly cranefly mosquito lovebug snakefly antlion dobsonfly webspinner stick insect grasshopper cricket katydid weta cockroach termite mantid earwig twisted-wing parasite sea urchin sunflower sea star crown-of-thorns starfish common sea star red knob sea star royal starfish brisingid brittle star sea pig pineapple sea cucumber orange sea cucumber giant california sea cucumber japanese spiky sea cucumber chocolate chip sea cucumber snake sea cucumber sea apple sea lily sand dollar dwarf seahorse candiru mudskipper climbing perch flying fish lungfish frogfish elephantnose fish bony eared assfish flounder barreleye lamprey sting ray pufferfish lionfish hagfish electric eel sarpa salpa, the dreamfish beluga sturgeon giant oar fish ocean sunfish manta ray great white shark whale shark sardine carp trout talapia mackerel catfish sockeye salmon alaska pollock swordfish yellowfin tuna alantic cod blue marlin koi blue tang clownfish sea dragon angelfish betta splendens coelacanth dunkleosteus tiktaalik haikouichthys stethacanthus megapiranha fur bearing trout mermaid mermaid dolphin wielding a knife namazu Leviathan hammerhead shark wobegong carpenter shark cookiecutter shark thresher shark goblin shark poison arrow frog bullfrog grassland slippery treefrog riverfrog bufo harlequin toad suriname toad cane toad beaked toad snouted toad olm axolotl siren crested newt hellbender giantsalamander marbled slamander mud salamander mole salamander mythical firey salamander caecilian eocaecilia diplocaulus loggerhead turtle box turtle snapping turtle galapagos tortoise soft-shelled turtle leatherback turtle mud turtle mata mata snakeneck turtle big headed turtle tuatara worm lizard mexican mole lizard crested gecko fat-tailed gecko leaf-tail gecko clawed gecko gargoyle gecko leopard gecko tokay gecko new caledonian giant gecko veiled chameleon horned chameleon panther chameleon brookesia micra giant chameleon brown leaf chameleon green iguana marine iguana rock iguana desert iguana spiny-tailed iguana chuckwalla mosasaur blue tailed skink red eye crocodile skink prehensile-tailed skink indian skink komodo dragon malayan water monitor nile monitor bengal monitor tree crocodile blue spotted tree monitor secret toadhead agama shield-tailed agama spiny-tailed lizard sailfin lizard thorny devil frilled-neck lizard rainforest dragon bearded dragon mountain horned dragon garden lizard oriental garden lizard fan throated lizard hump nosed lizard flying lizard jabberwocky hydra wyvern dragon turtle long pixiu jaculus gila monster spinytail lizard plated lizard collared lizard spectacled lizard anole wall lizard tegu basilisk basilisk blind snake cobra mamba sea krait coral snake spider-tailed horned viper spiny bush viper copperhead rattlesnake eyelash viper long nose viper taipan spreading adder flying snake boa constrictor green anaconda emerald tree boa rainbow boa sand boa titanoboa pipe snake black-headed python burmese python albino burmese python reticulated python scrub python pygmy python blood python calabar python rat snake vine snake garden snake elephant trunk snake tentacled snake tschuchinoko hoop snake feathered serpent crocodile alligator caiman gharial dwarf crocodile tomistoma pterosaur rhynchosaur loch ness monster longneck threehorn duckbill spiketail sharptooth smashyhead microraptor yi qi ostrich emu rhea cassowarry kiwi tinamou moa chicken junglefowl quail partridge pheasant turkey grouse peafowl chachalaca cockatrice duck goose swan magpie goose screamer demon duck bony-toothed bird crane barn owl screech owl elf owl bubo strix burrowing owl mousebird hornbill woodpecker toucan honeyguide barbet kingfisher trogon terror bird harpy eagle monkey-eating eagle bald eagle golden eagle martial eagle steller's sea eagle buzzard hawk condor bearded vulture griffon vulture king vulture turkey vulture hooded vulture osprey secretarybird kestrel peregrine hobby merlin sparrow hawk gyrfalcon cockatoo macaw lovebird lorikeet budgie kakapo cardinal thrush babbler lark tit robin rook crow raven magpie jay jackdaw bird-of-paradise shrike rockfowl cowbird finch swallow hoatzin hummingbird potoo flamingo grebe shorebird gull auk tropicbird loon albatross emperor penguin chinstrap penguin little blue penguin rockhopper macaroni penguin jackass penguin stork boobie cormorant frigate snakebird pelican shoebill heron ibis spoonbill hamerkop dodo white-bellied green pigeon rock dove pigmy pouter fantail frillback short-faced tumbler capuchin pigeon english carrier roadrunner coua common cuckoo malkoha turaco bustard phoenix scutosaurus hypsognathus mesosaurus eunotosaurus tetraceratops ophiacodon dimetrodon cotylorhynchus proburnetia anteosaur estemmenosuchus placerias wadiasaurus gorgonopsid pristerognathus tritylodon platypus short-beaked echidna long-beaked echidna steropodon kangaroo oppossum possum sugar glider koala wombat bandicoot marsupial mole tasmanian devil tasmanian tiger sea cow dugong elephant hyrax tenrec golden mole elphant shrew aardvark glyptodont pink fairy armadillo three-banded armadillo yellow armadillo screaming hairy armadillo giant armadillo long-nosed armadillo silky anteater giant anteater northern tamandua southern tamandua three-toed sloth two-toes sloth giant ground sloth sloth so slow that it fell out of time hoolock siamang lar gibbon crested gibbon orangutan gorilla chimpanzee homo erectus homo sapiens neanderthal denisovan hobbit elf gigantopithecus bigfoot roswell grey macaque baboon langus proboscis monkey mandrill mangabe tamarin marmoset capuchin saki monkey howlermonkey spidermonkey uakari squirrel monkey ruffed lemur sifaka ring-tailed lemur koala lemur bush baby aye-aye potto loris tarsier flying lemur treeshrew pygmy rabbit sumatran striped rabbit flemish giant netherland dwarf angora lop-eared rabbit hare pika jackalope carbuncle springhare beaver kangaroo rat gopher mole rat terrestrial porcupine chinchilla viscacha hutia guinea pig cabybara mara spiny rat paca pacarana arboreal porcupine red squirrel grey squirrel malabar giant squirrel grizzled giant squirrel flying squirrel red giant flying squirrel pygmy squirrel chipmunk prarie dog marmot rat mouse gerbil crested rat vole lemming muskrat hamster pack rat deer mouse dormouse jerboa solenodon moonrat shrew hedgehog mole desman giant flying fox blossom bat tube-nosed fruit bat nectar bat rousette monkey-faced bat vampire bat vesper bat horshoe bat ghost-faced bat sac-winged bat mouse-tailed bat pangolin husky corgi poodle chihuahua greyhound afghan akita mastiff bulldog dachshund german shepherd chow chow wolf coyote jackal red fox arctic fox fennec fox pipe-fox tanuki dhole maned wolf bush dog cù sìth sloth bear brown bear polar bear black bear panda bear sun bear sea lion elephant seal walrus monk seal fur seal harbor seal weasel badger otter marten mink wolverine grison polecat skunk racoon coati kinkajou olingo olinguito ringtail cacomistle red panda tiger lion jaguar leopard caracal serval ocelot lynx cheetah puma pallas cat persian hairless sphynx siamese scottish fold maine coon munchkin smilodon civet linsang genet bearcat mongoose meerkat kusimanse fossa hyena leucrotta manticore narwhal dolphin beluga porpoise false killer whale pygmy sperm whale beaked whale baleen whale hippo domestic pig wild boar warthog deer-pig forest hog pygmy hog dromedary bactrian alpaca llama guanaco vicuña saola bison buffalo cattle auroch yak mountain goat goat sheep ibex muskox serow impala gazelle wildebeest gerenuk dik-dik oryx kudu saiga bonnacon giraffe okapi beast of shanxi shiva's beast decennatherium qilin pronghorn elk moose red deer white-tailed deer reindeer water deer pudu tufted deer musk deer chevrotain chalicothere horse mule ass zebra pegasus kelpie white rhinoceros black rhinoceros sumatran rhinoceros unicorn baird's tapir lowland tapir kabomani tapir mountain tapir malayan tapir baku lancelet lampshell chiton tusk shell clam oyster mussel cockle scallop geoduck giant land snail conch periwinkle escargot abalone cone snail bubble snail golden snail banana slug leopard slug blue dragon nudibranch orange peeel doris sea lemon spanish dancer lion nudibranch clown nudibranch regal sea goddess diamondback tritonia spanish shawl chromodoris phylliroe eastern emerald elysia lettuce sea slug headshield slug sea hare semislug limpet nautilus flapjack octopus blue-ringed octopus glowing sucker octopus coconut octopus giant octopus common octopus telescope octopus seven arm octopus blanket octopus wunderpus mimic octopus argonaut vampire squid collosal squid bigfin squid flying squid pencil squid whip-lash squid deepsea squid spirula cuttlefish {plant} potted fern coconut dried-out stick venus fly trap pitcher plant bladderwort bramble bamboo kudzu sundew bonsai tree cactus {mutation} colored vivid {red|orange|yellow|green|blue|purple} with glowing eyes with the eyes of a [animal] with the skin of a [animal] with the mind of a [animal] with membranous wings with feathery wings with insect wings with the limbs of a [animal] with the face of a [animal] that looks like a [animal] in the mirror surrounded by a swarm of tiny [animal]s which commands the respect of every [animal] with poisonous foot-spurs with a bite that makes the target allergic to meat with a gigantic purple nose-cleaning tongue with the ability to spray blood out of its eyes which will starve to death in front of food if it's not prepared quite right whose head swells with fragrant ambergris with dozens of eggs embedded in the skin of its back with corkscrew horns and beard of chaos with huge heat-radiators for ears which resembles a terribly venomous creature with a hump filled with fatty nutrient supply with necrotic bacterial spit with a crown of stinging tendrils with overlapping armored scales with a freakishly extended tapping finger with loose skin flaps between wrists and ankles with an abdominal pouch whose skin is striped black and white with incredible head rotation with a parasitic tongue-louse with rows of sharp, replaceable teeth with adorable pink fan gills which can sense when someone is about to die with shaggy fur and prehensile trunk with a musical bone crest which is immune to pain from acid and capsasin with a horrifyingly distendable stomach with a buoyant, curling shell which can create sticky, microfibrous slime which is friendly with tooth-cleaning {[animal]|bird}s which is friend-shaped with a loud musical penis with a cavitation claws which can shoves its ribs through its skin to defend against attack with an inflatable nasal sac with webbed feet which let it run on water which reverts to embryo-form after adulthood which has an extended rostrum with transverse teeth which smells like fresh popcorn which can vomit up its digestive tract in defense with a face full of tentacles with slick transparent skin with huge feet for subsonic communication with a milk-producing udder with a suction-cup head with a brilliant plumage which can sleep with only half of its brain with hideous facial tumors with bright blue feet which is inexplicably tapir-like with a body primarily composed of electricity generators which shrinks when hungry whose skin pops off when its startled with giant terrifying fangs that protrude from mouth with the instinctive compulsion to perform lobotomies whose bodily fluids are potent hallucinogens which is completely naked and covered in sweat with appendages on either side of the mouth which shoot out glue whose vocalizations resemble industrial noises with giant eyes that burn away each day and regrow each night which is bioluminescent with a spring-loaded spine for turbo charged backflips with long thin legs and neck which has a growth on its back that resembles a [animal] whic sweats bright red sunscreen with a long tongue which winds around through holes in its skull to act as a built-in helmet with fingers on its {face|legs|feet|wings|arms|back|tongue} which is photosynthetic with barbed hooks on its skin which sprays acid from butt with teeth that never stop growing with a dangly lure hanging from its face which becomes immobile and eats its own brain which can stun other creatures by screaming loudly with taste buds all over its body with a huge body and a tiny head with 12-inch thick skin with a broad protuberance on its face that can be used to sense electromagnetic fields with telescoping, upward facing eyes surrounded by a transparent reflective dome which is supernaturally good at predicting the movements of other creatures, but needs to sit motionless for an hour observing the creature before it can act with defensive quills whose joints shift around so that it can curl up into a ball with a beautiful unicorn horn which is actually a tooth which is covered with spikes which transport fluid to its mouth with a thin tail which can be used as a whip with breathes through its skin (no lungs) with eyes on swivels whose skin can change color and texture with a goofy-looking air-filtering nose which is inflatable with tiny, pathetic, useless wings with limbs lined with razor sharp suction cups with scythe-like jaws with loose wrinkly skin with curled prehensile tail which reproduces by budding with a nearly 2-dimensional body which can fit through any hole larger than its head whose eyes are useless with fleshy growths on the nose which have a highly delicate sense of touch. It can predict earthquakes by shoving its face into dirt with broad pads on its feet which stick to walls with big feathery mouthparts for filter feeding with 5 eyes, a backwards-facing mouth, and a bendy claw arm on face with a third eye in the middle of the forehead whose knees retract into its body covered in dense soft fur which makes water dangerous with backwards {hands|feet|hands and feet} that resembles wood with giant shovel hands which leaves behind a scent trail with an elongated neck that rolls like some sort of demented wheel with bright eyespots to confuse predators with a long tail in place of its hind legs with retractable spikes that bursts out of its eyes with an internal turtleshell with antennae that enhance its sense of smell which can explode with a tiny malformed twin inside its skin of unusually small size of unusually large size with {1|2|3|4|5|6} heads whose rear has the head of a [animal] as pale as moonlight as dark as a raven mixed with a [animal] with a proboscis with a {slicing|crushing|hooked killing|flat|chisel-like|net-like|thin probing} beak which lives in a shell stolen from another creature with a stinger on its butt with antlers with a neck frill with a thick head for ramming with long claws with retractable claws with one big spike on each limb which has just a single finger in place of each foot with cutting Incisors with meaty lobster Claws with one Big Crab Claw with mantis-style Forelimbs with a spiked tail with a club-like tail with a large sail of spines connected by skin with incredibly {kicking|punching|headbutting} ability with a pharyngeal Jaw which uses its {claws|teeth|spines|tail} to deliver potent venom which [venomeffect] which has mastered the art of fire with a turtle Shell protexted by a clam shell covered in a chitonous exoskeleton which is poisonous (do not eat) which releases an ink cloud when threatened covered in osteoderms that plays dead with body parts that fall off to distract predators with extreme temperature resistance which can enter stasis which can rapidly regrow limbs that does not age which can metamorphose into a new form. This new form is a [animal] [mutation] which is very fat which purifies its surroundings with heat sensitive pits in its face with a big nose for tracking smells with accute hearing that echolocates which can sense magnetic fields with 360 degree vision with ultraviolet vision which can see polarized light with a body covered in sensitive hairs with big whiskers which can sense blood with an excellent sense of air pressure with five feathery wings which likes to ride around on a parachute that can jump 10 times its own height that can sprint at incredibly speeds which is skilled at endurance running that Burrows underground that slithers which is bouyant which is amphibious with skin that hypnotically pulses with striped skin with spotted skin which is more ugly than usual with a beautiful mane of soft hair with reflective camouflage which attaches foliage to its own body with too many limbs with atrophied limbs with fewer limbs than usual with really short limbs covered in fleshy protrusions that look like limbs but aren't really with extreme sexual dimorphism which never stops growing which moves in packs which is in a symbiotic relationship with [animal]s which is part a eusocial hivemind which produces an artistic mating display which engages in ritualistic combat that is capable of language which perfectly Mimics Sounds which sings that carries babies around in its mouth that builds eleborate nests that forces other creatures to raise its young that has a strong nuturing instinct that engages in war which kills for fun which can remember faces and holds a grudge which has learned to engage in economic transactions which lays eggs which suffers from alcoholism which uses tools with opposable thumbs with a vise-like grip with a prehensile {tongue|nose|lip|penis} which can eat stone with cheek pouches for storage which drinks blood with cookie-cutter jaws it uses to steal chunks of flesh which lives on top of a [animal] which lives inside of a [animal] which can eat radiation which can steal abilities from things it eats which farms tiny [animal]s for food which has a symbiotic relationship with a [plant] which eats only meat which vomits up nutritious food which levitates which weaves sticky nets which sheds spores {venomeffect} causes pain causes bleeding causes paralysis causes hallucinations dissolves flesh clots blood

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  1. It's notable that all the random mutations here are taken from real-world creatures. So if you ignore the part about its true form, this can be used to generate mundane creatures for your players to fight/eat/befriend.