Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Magical School Castle Map Generator

This is a Random Castle Generator based on this post at Renaissance Woodsman.

A preview is shown below. Right click on the map and select "View Image" or "Save Image As", Depending on the browser. Clicking on the image will download it, but only in some browsers.

Check this box to toggle the Emoji Icons. Check this box to toggle the Trump-suit.
Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.
Click here to expand a static image of the above. If you can't save the above, this might work.

See the original post for details about the rules for how the castle is generated. For navigation, the rules are that any two horizontally adjacent rooms are connected, and any two vertically adjacent Hallways are connected via staircase.

Hit the "Randomize School" button to completely generate a new map. Hit the "Shuffle Rooms" button to generate a new room layout, keeping the name of the school the same.

If you select the checkbox to use the trump suit, and then shuffle the rooms, then the castle will generate with an extra 24 cards added to the mix. A Cavelier for each suit, and 20 additoinal trump cards in addition to the Excuse and Pagat, which replace the jokers. These are detailed below:

Spades Hearts Diamonds Clubs
C (Cavalier) Scorpion Farm Stables Bird Storage Aquarium

Card # Card Name Room in Castle
Fool/Excuse Grand Hall
★1 Pagat/Magician Headmaster's Office
★2 Popess Hallway
★3 Empress Hallway
★4 Emperor Hallway
★5 Pope Hallway
★6 Lovers Perilous Hallway - Only enough room for one person to sidle through.
★7 Chariot Perilous Hallway - Floors have zero friction.
★8 Justice/Strength Staff Lounge
★9 Hermit Neutral Quiet Room
★10 Wheel of Fortune Basic Magical Safety Classroom (Most dangerous class in the school)
★11 Strength/Justice Secret Dungeon
★12 Hangman Forbidden Supply Closet
★13 Spooky Skeleton Infirmary
★14 Temperance Cantrips 101 Classroom
★15 Devil Dorm - Cleaning Imps
★16 Tower Hallway - Tower Stair - 9 stories tall.
★17 Star Portal Room
★18 Moon [REDACTED]
★19 Sun The Castle's Wardstone (Protects from bears, artillery, and other threats.)
★20 Judgement Forbidden Laundry Room
★21 The World Chronomancy Classroom


  1. Yeah this right here is why I'm still on the internet

  2. Thank you.
    I think it can be used for just magic castles, not necessary only schools; just assign each room a slightly different meaning.

    1. I've uploaded a standalone version of the castle generator here. Feel free to tweak it and reuse it however you see fit. If you just want to change the names of the rooms, that should be pretty easy by just opening the file in a text editor.

    2. Thank you very much, this is going to be _very_ useful.

  3. Okay, this is really, really cool!