Monday, August 6, 2018

OSR Class: Meat Mage

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a cosmology for a food-based version of the inner planes, and of course there has to be an Elemental Plate of Meats.

Then recently, I came across Chris Tamm's Xor setting, which has loads of excellent tables for a meat world. (Though it focuses more on the body horror stuff instead of the food stuff.) There's even a list of meat spells!

So here's a horrible meat wizard inspired by that list.

Original art by Sara Winters

(This is a wizarding school for Arnold K's GLOG system. The base details for the wizard class can be found here, and the spellcasting rules can be found here.)

Sunday, August 5, 2018

d60 Fish

1. Dwarf seahorse
2. Candiru
3. Mudskipper
4. Climbing Perch
5. Flying Fish
6. Lungfish

Saturday, August 4, 2018

d30 List of Eggs

  1. Chicken Egg
  2. Quail Egg
  3. Turkey Egg
  4. Eagle Egg
  5. Ostrich Egg
  6. Hummingbird Egg
  7. Dinosaur Egg
  8. Turtle Egg
  9. Alligator Egg
  10. Small Pile of Fish Eggs
  11. Shark Egg
  12. Cockroach Larva Sac
  13. Spined Soldier Bug Eggs
  14. Cluster of Octopus Eggs
  15. Platypus Egg
  16. Double-yolk Chicken Egg
  17. Hardboiled Egg
  18. Rabbit Egg, brightly painted.
  19. Human Egg. A little homunculus will come out if you incubate it.
  20. Actual Human Egg. Barely visible to the naked eye.
  21. Golf ball
  22. Frosted Glass Orb
  23. Empty Eggshell
  24. Eggshell Smokebomb
  25. Eggshell Full of Gunpowder and Sawdust. Makes a loud noise and a small fire.
  26. Eggshell Full of Confetti
  27. Egg with two smaller eggs inside, each of which have two even smaller eggs, etc.
  28. An Eggplant
  29. Darning Egg. (Wooden, used for fixing socks)
  30. Fossil Egg