Tuesday, July 17, 2018

OSR Class: Skeleton Wizard

You are NOT a necromancer, and quite frankly, you are tired of commoners mistaking you for one. You went to a chartered wizard college and are a respected member of the wizarding community. Sure, you wear a skull for a hat and have a bandoleer of bones and you cut people open and one of your mentors was a talking skeleton and ...

Your dear old academic advisor.

This is a wizarding school for Arnold K's GLOG system. The base details for the wizard class can be found here, and the spellcasting rules can be found here. (The short version is that spells are level-less, you spend Magic Dice to cast them. More MD spent means more powerful magic but also a higher risk of something going wrong.)

Monday, July 2, 2018

Use Jenga to Resolve Player-vs-player Combat

I'm serious. It's the best way. Doesn't matter what system or genre you're playing in. If two players want their characters to seriously fight, pull out the blocks.