Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Why do magical items recharge at dawn?

Each dawn, the light of the sun crashes over the landscape like a tidal wave, burning away the lingering remnants of darkness from the antisun. As this darkness evaporates, it leaves behind trace particles of magic that go spiraling through the air in an invisible aurora.

If you had the eyes of a wizard, dawn wouldn't just appear honey-yellow. You would see the atmosphere around you light up in a swirling cloud of indescribable colors.

Eventually, even the magical traces of darkness are scrubbed away by the sun.

A simulated image showing the currents of n̶u̶c̶l̶e̶a̶r̶ ̶f̶l̶a̶m̶e̶ magical dawn.

Darkness (which is magically distinct from the mere absence of light) saturates physical objects, and sunlight causes it to break down into a biologically usable form of magic. So the dusk terminator of the world is surrounded by a faint aurora of magic, while the dawn terminator is surrounded by a much stronger aurora -- one strong enough to recharge magic items.

Many creatures have adapted to feed on this ambient rogue magic as well. The reason that magical creatures tend to 'meditate' near dawn is so that they can focus as much of their metabolic energy as possible on harvesting magic.  Some predators have evolved to take advantage of this period of lethargy, and hunt exclusively during twilight.

In general, winter is a more magical time as more darkness can accumulate during the night. Polar summers and winters are periods devoid of magic. But the first dawn after a long polar winter triggers a chaotic storm of magical energy.

The magical radiation from decaying darkness passes through most solids and also itself triggers the breakdown of darkness. Darkness is almost never concentrated densely enough for the process to go critical, but this means that items and the like will be charged even when indoors. Being too deep underground or in a magically shielded and darkened room, however, would block the aurora and prevent items from recharging. Aluminum foil is especially effective as magic insulation.

If you could fly through the air fast enough to stay near the dawn terminator, you could use your magic items repeatedly (the cooldown  would depend on on the capacity of the individual artifact) and cast spells in rapid succession.

Going into orbit isn't a great way to get ahold of magic, however. There's a constant trickle of dark and light, but your're also far away from the large mass of the planet, which accumulates the darkness into a reactive bundle.

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