Sunday, February 19, 2023

Ground Squirrels : Tree Squirrels :: Dwarves : ???

Dwarf digs hole. He also lives in the hole. Some squirrel is like that. 

But some squirrel lives in the tree and digs to bury his treasure. 


Another important thing about Tree Squirrels is that they forget about a lot of the nuts they bury. Those nuts grow into the trees in a form of forgetful symbiosis.

 If a dungeon is the acorn, then what is the tree? 

Please, my soul yearns for the answers to these mysteries.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Some Quick Hexcrawl Horizon Visibility Calculations

How far away can an object be before it dips below the horizon and is no longer visible?

For simplicity, treat the planet like a smooth perfect sphere, and ignore the atmosphere and any other obstacles.

Table of Examples

Assume that your eyes are 1.8 meters above the surface of an earth-sized sphere. From how far away can you see the tops of various objects?

Object Object Height (m) Visable Distance (m) Vis. Dist. (miles)
The Ground Itself 0 4,800 3.0
Garden Gnome 0.5 7,300 4.5
Another Person 1.8 9600 6.0
A Male Giraffe 5.2 13,000 8.0
An Aspen Tree 16 19,000 12
Statue of Liberty (with base) 93 39,000 24
Great Pyramid of Giza 140 47,000 29
Statue of Unity (with base) 240 60,000 37
Burj Khalifa 830 110,000 67
Mount Everest 8800 340,000 210
Severe Thunderstorm 18000 480,000 300

The practical takeaways for hexcrawling are that if you're standing in the middle of a flat twelve-mile hex, then: 

I've seen similar numbers before, but wanted to recalculate everything in a tidy little list for my own use. 

Calculator widget below