Tuesday, January 29, 2019

d66^6 Terrible Demon Princes

So there's an insidious cult that's trying to bring about the end of the world, and your team of misfits is trying to stop them. As it goes.

But what horrible abomination are these cultists trying to summon?

Ramhedron the Many-headed Raj of Ramming
Hypnotically flashing version here.

The generator above was made with my generator generator. The full list of inputs to the generator is below.

1,1A'athe Many-headedLord ofChaos
1,2Ab-bia the DarkLady ofOrder
1,3Agabusthe EvilDuke ofFire
1,4Akaicusthe HiddenDuchess ofIce
1,5Azbadonthe SilentKaiser ofSecrets
1,6Balbadesthe ShiningCzar ofDarkness
2,1Barbietthe FlamingKing ofLust
2,2Belbyferthe MadQueen ofWrath
2,3Bucalghathe DevilRaj ofSloth
2,4Cciginathe DemonSultan ofSloths
2,5Cucugorthe FallenChief ofHorror
2,6Dandaygosthe IcyEsquire ofPride
3,1Edoriasthe ForbiddenJunker ofGluttony
3,2Eierinthe AncientDauphin ofDisease
3,3Foetlionthe CosmicPrince ofHatred
3,4Fugarluthe NoxiousPrincess ofCubes
3,5Furhedleththe SpicyCount ofSmog
3,6Grejomanthe HatedCaliph ofGreed
4,1Halkirmethe BoneshatteringEmir ofDragons
4,2Inlechmonthe CubicShah ofTime
4,3Lulethnahthe All-seeingKnight ofSpace
4,4Murlinockthe SlumberingBaroness ofEnvy
4,5Midlosothe NoisyCountess ofMurder
4,6Momaonthe VainMarquis ofBetrayal
5,1Nabmeriusthe SicklyInfante ofVanity
5,2Osmurronthe SlitheringArchduchess ofAcedia
5,3Ormythoththe HollowArchduke ofFad Diets
5,4Pphetepthe HorridEmperor ofIndifference
5,5Ramratithe InsidiousKhan ofWaste
5,6Ronthutosthe CrawlingEmpress ofShame
6,1Sabthythe SlimyRepresentative ofFear
6,2Seetriwethe PalePresident ofRevenge
6,3Shawezorthe MoistSheikh ofSacrifice
6,4Suczazouthe TerribleDespot ofSpiders
6,5Vuzagzuthe VengefulBishop ofIntoxication
6,6Zo-[name1][none]the ForgottenAntipope ofRamming

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