Tuesday, April 27, 2021

10x10 Table of Monster Names, Presented Without Comment

Artificial Bestial Chimeric Dungeonesque Ethereal Fay Grubby Haunting Inflamed Moist
Artificial Robot Manbeast Owlbear Shoggoth Modron Candy Critter Fake Egg Zombie Tarbeast Submarine
Bestial Stichthing Bear Snallygaster Orcgre Eternal Bird Ball of Fur Big Rat Lycanthrope Rakshasha Shark
Chimeric Gargoyle Bigfoot Panther Cerberus Ziz Reptilian Basilisk Pumpkinking Firefox Kraken
Dungeonesque Ooze Dino Gorgon Eyebeast Throne Gnome Spider Shadow Cherufe Urchin
Ethereal Meme Bird of Prey Pegacorn Starspawn Wingaling Fairy Bat Ghost Djinn Flying Fish
Fay Clone Turtle Queen Dryad Mimic Sylph Li'l Elf Ball of Teeth Vampire Will o Wisp Jelly
Grubby Golem Beastman Cyclops Sewercrawler Locus Goblin Wormlord Mummy Firebug Eel
Haunting Frankenstoid Wolfpack Mothman False Hydra Guardian Angel Bogeyman Lemur Skeleton Hellhound Angler
Inflamed Steam Punk Rampager Drake Plaguehurler Phoenix Imp Compostling Devil Flamespren Fishstick
Moist Snowman Leviathan Merfolk Deep One Nimbus Lake Lady Serpent Swampheap Salamander Trout


  1. I like this. Can't quite put my finger on why though. Does the nerd brain simply crave categorization? Could be fun to include in a game as a pokemon type-ish thing, guess the type of the monster based on aesthetic/behavioural similarities to reveal its weakness, guess wrong and you're fucked. E.g. fay share weakness to iron, hauntings to salt, double them up against a vampire or a bogeyman for massive damage, but make sure they're not part-bestial because those things will only drive them into a mindless rage. Or whatever.

    1. That's a great idea!

      The categories started as a way to color-code my minis, so I'll need to make the weaknesses a little bit more broadly defined. Eg: haunting monsters all have have an aversion to symbols of purity, but not necessarily always salt. But that still would let this color-coding double as a way of seamlessly adding puzzle elements to encounters and rewarding player skill.

      And yes, in designing this categorization system, I think I accidentally stumbled upon catnip for the part of my brain that likes clean lines. I didn't even mean to make this table. It just sort of happened. The colors compelled me.

  2. Are the columns kinda nouns and the rows kinda verbs?

    1. Oh, I didn't put nearly so much thought into it as that. But the rows are 'looser' than the columns, I guess you could say.