Sunday, February 19, 2023

Ground Squirrels : Tree Squirrels :: Dwarves : ???

Dwarf digs hole. He also lives in the hole. Some squirrel is like that. 

But some squirrel lives in the tree and digs to bury his treasure. 


Another important thing about Tree Squirrels is that they forget about a lot of the nuts they bury. Those nuts grow into the trees in a form of forgetful symbiosis.

 If a dungeon is the acorn, then what is the tree? 

Please, my soul yearns for the answers to these mysteries.


  1. Perhaps the cyclops - renowned smiths, and of course the source of "cyclopean architecture".

    Acorn => tree, the dungeon is the stable, buried store & source - it consumes its treasures and its bloodshed in its sprouting, spreads beyond the underground and reaches for the heavens - earth, hell, and the celestial spheres are united, a grand tower which is also the axle on which the cosmos turns is created. Some time before this, the gods will have likely destroyed it - there is already one Sigil, they couldn't tolerate another one.

    Sprouting dungeons can be pruned by wizards well before this terminal stage to create their towers.

  2. Huh. Sigil does connect the worlds. I'm surprised that I haven't before seen a connection drawn between The World Tree and Sigil atop its Spire.