Friday, August 13, 2021

12 Mile Hexmaps overlayed onto the Contigous United States

 Hey, there. I put a 12-mile hex grid onto North America. The projection is Lambert Conformal, so there's minimal distortion, at least within the US.

Rivers, train-lines, and urban areas are included, but there are no labels.

So, if you happen to want an unlabelled 12-mile hex map of North America with rivers, train-lines, and urban areas, then this is the blogpost for you.

click for slightly lightly bigger version.

And click here for a very very big version of this map which includes more of Mexico.

More maps below.

The different colors here are the different ecoregions of North America.
click for slightly Bigger Version.

click for slightly bigger version


Here are a few zoomed-in views of the same grid and projection, combined with USGS landcover data:

Duluth, MN, looking very hexcrawlable.

Dodge City, KS, conforming to stereotype.

Atlanta, GA has such immense urban sprawl that it can be a hexcrawl all on its own.

Chicago IL's landcover features match up surprisingly well with this grid projection.

(That's it. That's the entire post. I made some maps. Have a nice day.)

PS: Have you seen the flag of Venice? It's a very good flag.