Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Pominomicon! A Tiny Tome of Magical Fruits

This is a small collection of magical items for use in tabletop rpgs. It was designed for Chris McDowell's Into the Odd, but the file is very rules-light, and should be able to be introduced to any game with minimal trouble.


Pominomicon_Pocketmod_Fancy.pdf - For printing and folding into a tiny little booklet.
Pominomicon_Pocketmod_Simple.pdf - For printing if you want to save ink.
Pominomicon_Fancy.pdf - For viewing on a screen.
Pominomicon_Simple.pdf - For viewing on a screen if you are... short on colored pixels?

How to Use

  1. Print off the version of your choice onto a single piece of paper.
  2. Cut and fold according to the following directions:
  3. Pocketmod Folding Instructions
  4. (Optionally, dab a bit of glue on the inside to hold it all together snugly.)
  5. In game, give your player's the magical items described on the second page of the Pominomicon, and physically hand them the Pocketmod as an in-fiction guidebook.
Figure 1. Berry Combo Quick-Reference Chart

Creation Info

I made this for Rattlemayne's Pocketmod Jam on the Into the Odd Discord.

I started by making 8 A5 pages in LaTeX. You can see these in the file section above.

Next I used Peter Fröhlich's code here to first flip some pages upside down and then arrange them in a 2x4 grid. If you want to make something similar, and already have LaTeX installed, then you don't even need to make the original pdf in LaTeX to use Peter's code. It works with any 8-page pdf.

Here's a picture of an assembled version sitting in some dirt.

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  1. I never thought I'd need the answer to the question: "What is found on the Fruit Wizard's body?", but apparently I was wrong! This is great!