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Sophia was set to marry her sweetheart, but 
  1. he fell ill and was in need of medicine.
  2. the couple lacked the approval of the community to wed.
  3. the couple lacked the money to hold a wedding.
  4. a witch turned her sweetheart into a pig and absconded with the countercharm.
  5. her best friend was kidnapped by trolls.
  6. a terrible storm blew her away to lands unknown.

  1. goes to the city and becomes a thief.
  2. gets on a ship and becomes a fisherman.
  3. communes with the spirits and becomes a warlock.
  4. ventures into the forest and learns skills to survive in the wilds.
  5. goes to war and becomes a skilled fighter.
  6. goes on a pilgrimage and deeply commits to her faith.

She finds what she is looking for, at the cost of 
  1. a scar upon her face.
  2. becoming gravely injured.
  3. compromising her moral code.
  4. losing a close friend.
  5. a decade of struggle.
  6. her pride.

She returns to the village,
  1. worried that her sweetheart will love her less now that she has changed. No worries though: He still loves her. They get married and live happily ever after.
  2. worried that her sweetheart will love her less now that she has changed. And she is right. Her sweetheart does not feel affection for the person she has become.
  3. but realizes she no longer wishes to get married, and leaves the village again, never to return.
  4. but her sweetheart died while she was away.
  5. but ends up marrying someone other than her original sweetheart, having fallen in love on her journey.
  6. gets married, and finds that the lessons she learned on her journey are suprisingly applicable to her married life.

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